Christophany Groups Testimonies


“Our Christophany group celebrates its 1st year anniversary in a few months. We have continually grown in our sense of shared ownership and within an empowering, collaborative leadership model, we have unstoppable, energetic, engaged participation which continues to evolve!  Thus, an increasing number of members sign up to facilitate one or more sessions. The group has remained the same # of 12 members for nearly a year. And many of our more reserved folks are now actively interacting on a regular basis in both break-out rooms and whole group discussions. These are just a few of the signs of how much our level of trust has been growing among us. We even use the ‘L’ word to describe how we feel toward each other! Thank you very much! Many blessings,”
–Midge M. Midwest


“First, thank you for all you are doing. … it has been wonderful to meet and talk with such amazing people that the Christophany group has gathered together. I especially like the diversity and yet the commonality of the seekers in this group. We come from many different experiences. The group includes a doctor,  a judge, teachers, sisters, former sisters, a former priest, artists, a counselor, … so when we are talking about various ideas and issues, we have a nice mix of lenses from which to examine our thoughts and beliefs. That has been very helpful in gaining richer insight, but just now as I am saying this, I also think it would be good to have even more of a cultural mix of people. I wonder how that might be possible.


Anyway, as I wrote to you earlier, we love our group and individuals have expressed this in many ways. It is so good to feel safe, understood and valued for the thoughts, ideas, joys and struggles that we have had in our lives and that we feel able to share in the group as we consider the readings.  It is a relief to hear thinking people sharing their visions and the work they are doing, the work  they have been involved in over their lifetime to make the changes that we need in this world. It is so good to break open our thoughts in the context of the articles, podcasts, books and videos we are examining. The conversations we are having absolutely brings the Divine more closely into my life. This time and attention to the Divine in all things and to each other is Divine.


The work of Chardin and Delio illicit the conversations and the feelings that I think many have held deeply, but that have been obfuscated for so long by traditional old teachings and by the upbringing many of us experienced throughout our lives. The validation and the growth is a blessing and actually a relief. I am excited to think that we may be more clearly seeing the evolution that is always happening and that we might be more equipped to point to and add to the best outcome in all we are part of. Keep up the good work. May we see and be change.  Peace,” –Marilyn


What has been your your Christophany group experience?
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  1. Annmary Andrews pbvm on October 19, 2021 at 8:54 am

    Thank you. I wanted to join a group. I am in Dominica


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