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Our local Philly area Christophany group has been meeting since the spring of 2020. Early in 2021, we decided to meet on a monthly basis (we had been meeting twice a month).  Although the majority of our ZOOMING Christics are from SE Pa, we are blessed to have participants from as far away as South Carolina, New Hampshire, Illinois, California and Erie, Pa. Although each member brings their unique life/faith stories, we all share a passion for new ways to experience the loving energy of the Divine. Like Sr Ilia, we all recognize that “Now is the time to change” and that … “the integration of Science and Religion is not an option; it is an imperative”.

The music, prayers, poems, stories, presentations and discussions that are shared during our meetings remind us that our current rigid belief systems need to be part of a Paschal Process as it dies and gives birth to an AWAKENING in all of us to a NEW, creative, dynamic and deeper integration of Science and Religion… one that taps into the C4C mission by enkindling “an awareness of love at the heart of reality”.

At our December 9th meeting, we reinforced the need to utilize the C4C website more frequently. Included in that was a reminder to check out the upcoming (Dec 16th)  Winter ZOOM concert (The Great Unraveling & Reweaving).  The song ends with a call for a fundamental shift in our thinking, awareness, and our consciousness. Musical artist Carrie Newcomer’s lyrics remind us “We have all lived through a time of great unraveling. Yet, with great disruption comes a possibility for change. We can’t just be healed; we must be transformed.”

– Kevin Barr, group leader in PA.

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It is hard to believe but I know for sure that I am only beginning to find my way home 🏠 I wish for daily words from you in order to reach the children of North America ... catholic children and more.
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