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Why Tradition Matters

by Ilia Delio The death of Pope Benedict XVI was a significant turning point in the Catholic Church. The Vatican’s watchdog of the magisterium was a medieval scholar, a noteworthy…

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Together We Can Change the Direction of the World

Dear Friends of the Center, Our 2022 December fundraiser was an immense success, thanks to your generosity and support. We were delighted to surpass our goal of $40,000 and will…


A New Way of Being

A video with S. Ilia Delio titled “A New Way of Being.”

Wooden manger and star of Bethlehem in cave, nativity scene background. Christian Christmas concept. Birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus is reason for season. Salvation, Messiah, Emmanuel, God with us, hope.

Who is in the Manger?

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year when we are reminded that the heavens could not contain God, but a simple manger could contain the mystery of divine love. …

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Thick Skins and Brilliant Light

Darkness can be a terrifying and disorienting thing, where objects seem to blend into a field of nothingness, leaving one feeling powerless. Physical darkness is one thing, but psychological darkness…

Happy woman standing with hands up on long straight road facing the sun. Sunset sky

Let Us Create Something New

Dear Friends, At the Center for Christogenesis, we are keenly aware of our fragile world, but we see things from a new perspective.  We see the power of divine love at…

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Politics and the Power of Love

Politics shape human community. Our political decisions reflect our sense of who we are and what we want. We vote as citizens of a common household, members of a society…


Transformation or Self-Inflation? The Challenge of Spirituality Today

Spirituality has exploded in the twenty-first century and spiritual paths are everywhere.   Contemplative practices, spirituality groups, Eastern and Western paths of mysticism, all abound across the infinite terrain of cyberspace.  …


The Death of God and the Rebirth of God

On June 12, 1946, Teilhard jotted down a short sentence in a diary that read:  “The death of God (Nietzsche) and the rebirth of God (Omega).”  Ursula King writes:  “He…