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“The Primacy of Love” by Ilia Delio

You can now order Ilia’s new book: The Primacy of Love  Part of the My Theology series   Given the primacy of love, if we have only one choice to make today, let us choose to love, let us seek love in all aspects of...

Community Sharing: The Art of Un-Doing

From Jim B. “A few things struck me after I read your post: 1) YES, we need “enduring vacations”–I try to have a “mini vacation” every day–some call it prayer, some meditation, some relaxation, some un-doing, whatever the...

Out of Control but Vital to God

One of my favorite passages of Scripture is the opening lines on Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gn 1:1). All translations, except the King James Bible, state that God created “the heavens and...

Living Our Faith

Most of us have some form of a morning ritual. It could involve prayer or meditation, probably a cup of coffee or tea. Maybe taking the dog for a walk or reading from some sacred texts. After we finish our morning rituals then...

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New Creation is the Center for Christogenesis online magazine dedicated to deepening our awareness of God, Cosmos, and Humanity in a scientific age.

Ω Vision and Ω Spirit cover questions of the theology and spirituality of the Center for Christogenesis worldview. Other areas include our What is God Today? video series, the Visio Divina image gallery, a Resources section with videos and PowerPoints, and the latest from Ilia Delio.

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"An American Franciscan Sister, Ilia Delio, a theologian at Villanova University, is now emerging as the single finest exponent of Teilhard’s vision and its relevance for science and cosmology in the twenty-first century."
Diarmiud O’Murchu
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