Month: January 2021


Return to the Garden

In 2020 the United States went through perhaps one of the most divisive presidential campaigns we ever had. It was often described by people on the left as an effort…


Marshall McLuhan:  A Prophet of Teilhard’s Vision

The Center for Christogenesis seeks to integrate religion, culture, modern science and evolution in a way that illuminates a divine power of love acting from within toward a future of…


Fiat Voluntas Tua

Fiat Voluntas Tua Thy will be done. “To Be Mystery” from the “Deathless Beauty” collection © Julie Ann Stevens 2020.


Insurrection or Evolution:  What is Happening in our Midst?

Last week chaos and anarchy erupted in Washington DC, as protestors scaled the walls and stormed the offices of the U.S. Capitol.  Opposition to the recent election results, fueled by…


One-on-One with Robert Ellsberg and Ilia Delio

Click on the image below and watch this One-on-One with Orbis publisher Robert Ellsberg and author Ilia Delio as they discuss Ilia’s new book “Re-enchanting the Earth“: You can buy…


“Faith and Doubt: A Love Story” by Brian D. McLaren

I revered my maternal grandfather. He was one of the kindest, wisest people I’ve ever met. One spring day when I was about seven or eight, we were driving through…


How Shall We Enter Into 2021?

Dear Friends, We are on the eve of one of the most turbulent, suffering and deadliest years in history. Many people have lost loved ones to the pandemic, other diseases…