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The Problem of Evil

Q: N.T. Wright in his book “Surprised by Hope” claimed that Teilhard’s “myth of progress” cannot deal with evil because it can’t stop evil, it doesn’t address the moral problem of all...

What is God?

In this fascinating new video from Three Bridges West, Ilia Delio is interviewed along with theologians such as Philip Clayton and scientists such as Dean Radin in discussing the ancient and ever-fresh question: What is...

The Rainbow of Pride

This month we celebrate the gift of life in its many colors, which holds great significance for the LGTBQ community. For years, women and men who were not heterosexual had to hide their true identity or live secret lives. I...

The Magnificent Cosmos

In the background of this painting is the Hubble deep field that became visible for the first time in a most remarkable photograph taken from outer space by the Hubble telescope. The telescope, with the lens open for an extended...

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New Creation is the Center for Christogenesis online magazine dedicated to deepening our awareness of God, Cosmos, and Humanity in a scientific age.

Ω Vision and Ω Spirit cover questions of the theology and spirituality of the Center for Christogenesis worldview. Other areas include our What is God Today? video series, the Visio Divina image gallery, a Resources section with videos and PowerPoints, and the latest from Ilia Delio.

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Evolution of LOVE IN CHRIST has been a powerful inner force in my daily life. THANK YOU for being a presence in my way of understanding how to live LOVE joyfully in my old age.
Maria Amélia Carreira
Leiria - Portugal, ME
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