Month: February 2019


Quote – Paul Smith – God big enough

“We need a God that is big enough for our minds, close enough for our hearts, and us enough for our deepest identification.”

Omega Center

Atonement and Evolution

Q: “I first came across your work through your writings on St Bonaventure and have come to know your further writings on Teilhard de Chardin and seeing Christian faith in…


Theistic Evolution:  A New Religious Story

Q: “… We are the universe becoming conscious of Itself. There is an energy within (God/Agape) drawing us (and everything) forward and upward in a rise in consciousness towards greater and…

Omega Center

In Support of Teilhard’s Vision

The great medievalist scholar Etienne Gilson once wrote of Bonaventure: “You can either see the general economy of his doctrine in its totality, or see none of it, nor would…


Trashing Teilhard

Was the Jesuit scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin really a fascist, racist, genocidal opponent of human dignity? I had thought that, at least among educated Catholics, the question was almost…


How to let go of regrets?

Q: What do we do about past regrets and decisions made long ago that we now feel the harm and consequences of? Ilia: Years ago I lived with a Sister in…