Religious convergence.
Scientific integrity.

Share in evolution’s unifying pulse.


Computer technology has connected us around the earth, but our planetary spirit is fractured and adrift. Religion is a form-giving energy of transcendence, fundamental to evolution itself.

However, its institutions are struggling to keep pace with the rapid rise of technology, the politicization of religion and the impact of globalization on both personhood and society.

What is the future of our planetary spirit? What is our role in the religion of the future?

The Center for Christogenesis is a future-oriented educational, inspirational and formational center. We seek to integrate religion, science and technology so as to catalyze human evolution toward greater unity through religious renewal and convergence. Together, we can enkindle a new and responsible spirit of the earth for our collective life.

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The Center for Christogenesis offers live virtual webinars, online courses and conferences featuring our founder, Ilia Delio, alongside other leading thinkers. Join us and our partner organizations as we integrate science with converging religious thought and unpack new stories about humanity and the cosmic whole.

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Ilia Delio at Theology Beer Camp

October 17 @ 8:00 am - October 19 @ 5:00 pm

What is Christogenesis?

Religious language arrives at our doorsteps with a lot of baggage. For many, it conjures historical, generational, and even personal trauma. This is unfortunate because the power of religious language—despite misuses—arises first from the deep, meaningful practices and wisdom of those who sought to express the ineffable with awe and wonder.

The symbol of the risen Christ embodies the movement of Christogenesis: the power of God within creation to be something more in and through creation. As we are divinized in God, God is actualized in us, so that the risen Christ symbolizes the new creation, a new cosmotheandric reality, by which God, cosmos, and anthropos form a new being, a new type of personhood, ever expanding and deepening in divine love. Christogenesis (literally “Christ-birthing”) is apropos to our scientific and technological age because it is the movement toward novel and creative personhood, that is, greater unity and being-in-love.

What is Christophany?

“Christogenesis” is a radical departure from the static, contemporary image of Jesus as Savior of the world, but Christ does not belong exclusively to Christians. As Raimon Panikkar wrote, “Jesus is the Christ, but Christ is more than Jesus.” Panikkar reminds us that there is a Christophany—a Christic dimension—to every part of life and every person. There is a divine depth dimension to every living being and every living creature. Wherever one strives to live in love, peace, compassion, forgiveness, and nonviolence, there Christ is alive and active in the world, even if one has never heard of Jesus or accepts the Gospel. Such a person participates in Christogenesis.


Christ shares existence with each and everything, with rocks, and plants, and animals, and humans and angels.

St. Bonaventure

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We cannot envision a new world without changing the way we think. In a world saturated with bits of information, we need to reclaim loving at the heart of thinking.
Thinking is integral to loving.

Ilia Delio

We have the power to vitalize a new world.
Only if we share the work together is this vision possible.