Ritiro Omega Discussion Group: The Cosmic Christ and Revolution

The Ritiro Omega Discussion Group met in December, 2019 to reflect on the blog by Sr. Ilia Delio from September 30, 2019 The Cosmic Christ and Revolution and Posted Comments. The sisters’ in the discussion group also found comments very enriching to add to the initial blog reflection.           

The focus of the group was on the collective conversation and one of the questions- What is one-ing relating to the Wholeness of Being?  Comments are as follow from some of the reflections:

God created out of love and we are the wholeness in Love. We are saturated in love. We have the DNA of God by choice. God became human by choice and we have the DNA. We can choose to accept or not accept. Choice- We can choose to refuse the love. But it is there anyway. The choice is to receive. Question on-going with Early Christian had to apply to the ongoing evolution within and we are called to redefine in our age. Continue from previous understandings of the Trinity, God manifest who God is through Jesus. Something God knew from the beginning. They became the Wisdom and Logos consuming early Christian’s interpretation of Christ as the Logos and Wisdom. A message of Catholicism as consciousness of the whole where God is at the center. By the love and presence of God is the divine presence in Jesus. But Divine presence in all of us. Jesus is the way.

Still a mystery that Christ is God. Question is Jesus truly God? Radical Love Scotus teases that out. Scotus learned from Francis. Truly aware of Francis’s simplicity of pure love of God. God invites us to live in that essence. The more Francis became aware of God the more he Let Go! We have choices in our discernment on our journeys.

Franciscan approach is relational and God is relational. We always experience the Life of God that move us in exemplifying the gift of God and the Love of God. As expressed in Romans 5:5 “Love of God poured into our hearts.” We need to move toward embracing that love and complete change of belong and being. We come as Christians knowing deep within our being there is the truth of Divine and human. We truly are the Body of Christ!

Teilhard says “The future belongs to those that give the next generation a reason to Hope.” God needs us to fulfill that hope. God needs us to fulfill goodness where choice comes from us. It is relational. Relationships differ from, “I can do it myself, I can figure it all out”  to “We” choose to work together.

God’s invitation is persuasive, inviting us into the future and calling us in the future to be one with creation. How we need to be in relation with each other to create the whole.  We must see God’s presence in all and we must become all in one. It is unthinkable for us to say we are separate when God says we are One. It is blindness in me to believe of this separation. I can do this -does have to do with me and with our faith to believe in the one-ing. It is a matter of the whole happening in and to one another and creation. This consciousness of wholeness continues to be a common thread in the Omega Center reflections.

By Sr. Paula Scraba, OSF and the Allegany Franciscan Sisters from the Ritiro




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