What Franciscans and Vaishnavas Share with Swami Padmanabha (Part 1)

Our third season opens with a conversation between Ilia Delio and author and monk Swami Padmanabha. In part 1, Ilia asks Swami about Vaishnavism and what it is like to be a Hindu Monk in the West. They unpack how the sciences inspire theological insight and interface on their shared vision of the future of religious convergence.


“We have a commitment to our potential.”

Swami Padmanabha is an author, monk, and spiritual mentor. For the last 25 years, he has been following the devotional branch of Hindu monotheism known as Vaishnavism (often referred to as bhakti) while at the same time deeply engaged in interfaith dialogue, or what he calls “theological cross pollination.” Swami travels around the world each year as a retreat leader, public speaker, and community-builder. Being a valued scholar in his tradition, his work also includes hundreds of articles and seminars, as well as copious presentations in universities and academic circles. Swami Padmanabha´s first book, Inherent or Inherited?, was widely acclaimed by both practitioners and scholars of his tradition. At present, Swami is touring the US while presenting his second book, Radical Personalism: Revival Manifesto for Proactive Devotion.

To learn more about Swami Padmanabha visit: http://swamipadmanabha.com.ar

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“Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind.”

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