New Podcast: Hunger for Wholeness Launches!

Story matters. Our lives are shaped around immersive, powerful stories that thrive at the heart of our religious traditions, scientific inquiries, and cultural landscapes. All stories – big and small – point toward our fundamental hunger for wholeness, understanding, and love.

Behind all these stories is a unity of love. Not a unity that is closed and exclusive, but a union that differentiates. Not a love that is simply romantic, but a love that connects us across our differences and helps us discover a way of flourishing together at a global scale.

As Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein claimed, science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind. This new podcast will launch a series called “Hunger for Wholeness” that will hear from speakers in interdisciplinary fields of science and religion who are finding answers for how to live wholistic lives. We want to be part of creating a future that will birth a way of life where religion and science do not compete, but support and complement one another.

We are excited to launch this new podcast. Please join us on the this journey of discovery – subscribe to the show on Spotify or become a member of our Hunger for Wholeness Patreon community and support the show!


Episode 1 – Hosts Ilia Delio and Gabbi Sloan interview Teacher, Author, Activist, Phil Clayton (Part One)

Episode 2 – Hosts Ilia Delio and Gabbi Sloan interview Phil Clayton (Part Two)

Episode 3 – Hosts Ilia Delio and Gabbi Sloan interview Teacher, Author, Theologian, Catherine Keller (Part One)

Part Two of Catherine Keller’s interview launches next week August 18 on Apple and Spotify. Be sure to follow us at Hunger for Wholeness.

Thank you to our sponsor Fetzer Institute for all your support with this project! Follow the podcast on Spotify or on socials: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you wish to support the podcast further please subscribe to our Patreon, ‘Hunger for Wholeness’ Community and become a member today.

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I am so grateful for the new insights every day the conference helped me to realise that , whereas we are a small flock, we do have the hi=wire of the Spirit in our hand' and in our hearts. This is the great I AM' we're dealing with who is dealing with us, it's so exciting
Anthony Nicholls
Kenikworth South Africa, IL
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