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At the Center for Christogenesis, we believe that love is the fundamental energy of evolution. Through gathering in community, we have the opportunity to co-create the universe, and participate in the energy of evolution. The groups that we facilitate are laboratories of love. The vision for these groups is to heal our world and transform lives through the real world experience of communal reflection, shared friendship, and collective spiritual practice. We invite you to learn more about our group offerings below and join our growing community!

The vision for Christophany Groups is to transform lives and heal our world through communal reflection and collective spiritual practice based on the insights of Teilhard de Chardin and Ilia Delio, who interprets Teilhard through a distinctive Franciscan lens. Christophany Groups are communities who are committed to meeting on a regular basis via Zoom or in-person to discuss articles or books or develop contemplative practices together. 

Whereas the Center’s online magazine and resources provide conceptual resources for new understandings of God and the universe, the Christophany Groups provide soil in which  these new concepts may find deep spiritual resonance and take root; places of innovation in which we might awaken to ourselves as part of one another, creation and the divine in a Christic whole. While the Center provides intellectual and organizational resources to help these groups grow and flourish, our hope is that each Christophany Group will develop its own unique approach to spiritual embodiment and transformation, offering to the larger whole its singular and distinct reinventions of celebration and ceremony.

We might think of these groups in terms of educator Parker Palmer’s vision of “communities of truth” or dynamic communities of relationality (see Palmer’s Circle of Truth).   Members of the group are entangled with the divine, as well as one another and other Christophany groups throughout the world, creating an interactive web of relationality – one that is fluid and organic, like eddies in a pond, ebbing and flowing, moving into communion with each other, animated by the divine among and within them.  We invite you to be part of this vibrant and emergent dynamic.

There are currently Christophany Groups in:

United States:  Arizona, Connecticut, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia

Australia/New Zealand and Canada


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Do you have a few friends in your area who would like to meet together and discuss resources from the C4C? Do you want to learn more about facilitating a Christophany Group online with new friends around the world? Click below to learn more about starting a group within an existing community, or how to get connected to others who are also be interested in creating a group online or in person! The process is easy and we will support you every step of the way!

How to Start a Christophany Group


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