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At the Center for Christogenesis, we believe that love is the fundamental energy of evolution. Through gathering in community, we have the opportunity to co-create the universe, and participate in the energy of evolution. The groups that we facilitate are laboratories of love. The vision for these groups is to heal our world and transform lives through the real world experience of communal reflection, shared friendship, and collective spiritual practice. We invite you to learn more about our group offerings below and join our growing community!

A foundational view of Teilhard de Chardin is that union differentiates. As John Haught wrote: “True union does not mean uniformity or homogeneity but a rich, complex mode of being that is built up out of a diversity of components that are permitted to coexist in a relationship of complementarity.” The goal of Convergence is to come together, and enjoy conversation, diversity of opinions, and spiritual insights from our community all around the world!

More than simply a community gathering to talk, our monthly meeting is an opportunity to deepen our collective consciousness through shared reflection on the integration of science, religion, and culture. Each meeting offers the opportunity for members of our community to “pull apart” an article or resource from the C4C website and arrive at a deeper understanding of the actualization of Teilhard’s vision of wholeness for a new vitality of spirit.

Convergence (formerly C4C Coffee Hours) are monthly drop-in meetings where our community has the opportunity to gather and share. Meetings usually focus on a specific theme and consist of an introduction to the theme by a C4C staff member, a group contemplative exercise, and opportunity for discussion. No prepartion in required. Drop in and join the community!

These casual meetings take place on Zoom. Meeting links are sent out via email. Use the sign-up form below to get involved!


Christophany Groups

The vision for Christophany Groups is to transform lives and heal our world through communal reflection and collective spiritual practice based in Teilhardian insight. Unlike the Coffee Hours, Christophany Groups are communities who are committed to meeting on a regular basis via Zoom or in-person to disucss articles, books, or develop contemplative exercises together. These small groups are close-knit communities of transformation and require a larger time commitment than the Coffee Hour groups.

More than simply gatherings for dialogue, Christophany Groups are laboratories of divine love and intimate communal opportunities for the renewal of spirituality. We believe the spiritual yearning of our time will be answered through the earnest experimentation of innovative devotional communities. Where the Center’s online magazine and resources provide conceptual resources for understanding God and Cosmos anew, the Christophany Groups are envisioned as crucibles of transformation wherein these new concepts can find deep spiritual resonance and innovation. While we provide intellectual and organizational resources to help these groups grow and flourish, our hope is that each Christophany Group will develop its own unique approach to spiritual embodiment and transformation, offering to the world its singular and distinct reinventions of celebration and ceremony.

There are currently Christophany Groups in the United States (including NY, MI, OH, and IN), Canada, and Australia.Read some Christophany groups’ testimonies here.

A testimony from our Vancouver group here.

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Start a New Christophany Group In Your Area

Do you have a few friends in your area who would like to meet together and discuss resources from the C4C? Do you want to learn more about facilitating a Christophany Group online with new friends around the world? Click below to learn more about starting a group within an existing community, or how to get connected to others who are also be interested in creating a group online or in person! The process is easy and we will support you every step of the way! 

How to Start a Christophany Group


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