Dual-aspect Monism

“…states that the mental and the material are different aspects or attributes of a unitary reality, which itself is neither mental nor material. They are both properties of one neutral substance x, which is neither physical nor mental. Harald Atmanspacher describes the phenomenon in this way: ‘In dual-aspect monism according to Pauli and Jung, the mental and the material are manifestations of an underlying, psychophysically neutral, holistic reality called unus mundus, whose symmetry must be broken to yield, complementary aspects. […] From the mental, the neutral reality is approached via Jung’s collective unconscious; from the material, it is approached via quantum non-locality. Teilhard held to a dual-aspect monist position to explain evolution […] a specific effect of matter turned complex; he considered matter and consciousness not as “two substances” or “two different modes of existence,” but as two aspects of the same cosmic stuff.’” (From The Not-Yet God, p. 23).