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Help Renew the God-Energy of all Life

“Wholeness is not an option but our deepest reality. Only when our human systems align with natures’ systems; when human activity mirrors nature’s activity, will unity and peace flow through the heart of our planet. God is not the great exception to this unfolding wholeness but the infinite field of entangled energies, the unconditional love that empowers us to forge ahead, the dynamic wellspring of creative potential.”
– Ilia Delio

Support A New Vision of Wholeness

The Center for Christogenesis is committed to a new vision of cosmotheandric wholeness. The time for Teilhard’s vision is now. With God there is only now and the overflow of now into the future. We cannot realize this vision as simply an idea or a concept; it must be rooted and grounded in every aspect of our lives. Hence, we need to continue to develop our website, programs and outreach.

As we look toward a new year and new leadership, we realize the need to enhance our staff, our technologies and our partnerships. To grow, however, we need your help. Only with your financial support, can we realize a new energy center of cosmotheandric wholeness. 

If you are contributing over $1000, please mail us a check to 1334 Perry Street NE, Washington, DC 20017-2531 to help us avoid large fees.

The Center for Christogenesis is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization (EID: 81-3500340). All donations to the Center are tax-deductible and enhance the mission of the Center for Christogenesis and its public outreach with no other goods or service rendered.

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