“Convergence”: C4C New Bi-Annual Publication

Convergence is a new teaching/educational publication which aims to deepen the understanding of the C4C’s  vision at both the theological, sacramental/practical, and communal levels. There will be sections on theology, on sacrament/practice, and on the C4C community (e.g. Q&A’s, General community and Christophany Groups).

This publication is designed to deepen knowledge that forms insights, situate ideas, find new symbols and narratives as we shift towards a new religious paradigm.Convergence will be published first in print, and within 30 days of print publication it will also be available on the website.

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New Creation is the Center for Christogenesis online magazine dedicated to deepening our awareness of God, Cosmos, and Humanity in a scientific age.

Ω Vision and Ω Spirit cover questions of the theology and spirituality of the Center for Christogenesis worldview. Other areas include our What is God Today? video series, the Visio Divina image gallery, a Resources section with videos and PowerPoints, and the latest from Ilia Delio.

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What is God Today?

What is God Today? is an Center for Christogenesis video series featuring interviews with Ilia Delio on the meaning of the divine in the 21st century and what God is doing in our midst. Watch the Series

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Ilia...imagine me sitting in a little adobe house here in a Zapotec pueblo where we have been 18 yrs as Lay missioners. I am listening to everything I can find on YouTube as you explain the new paradigm for this axial moment in our ongoing evolution. I listen many times because it is a new language and I am 81. I just want to give you a big hug because you put it all together and help me also to understand better Teilhard whom I love and hope I didnt misspell his name. I pray for you and all this hope in the midst of chaos which will move us on. Thank you
Mary Gill
San Andre's Huayapam, Oaxaca Mexico, OR
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