Annual Conferences

Conference 2020

The Infinite Within:
Who We Are And What We Are Called To Be

Featuring Ilia Delio, Barbara Brown Taylor, Rami Shapiro, Cynthia Bourgeault, and Catherine Keller

An innovative online conference committed to the infinite potential of divine energy pervading cosmos, ecology, and culture—an overabundance of creative love within, capable of saving ourselves and our planet from our many 21st century challenges.

Conference 2019

Love at the Heart of the Cosmos:
Living in Relational Wholeness

Featuring Ilia Delio, Matthew Fox, Cynthia Bourgeault, John Haught, and Kathleen Duffy

An event committed to the Teilhard’s vision for “a new religion of the Earth for a new planet of life. Teilhard’s vision of “relational wholeness” sees that all dimensions of life are one co-evolving spirit: matter and energy, nature and humanity, faith and culture, science and spirituality, consciousness and contemplation.

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