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When the pandemic closed our doors at the Center to in-person gatherings in March of 2020, one of the first things we did was to start a Christophany group which meets via Zoom. We have been going strong since then, and it has become a place of safety and refuge for us all. In each session, we engage in prayer, sometimes meditation, and small group and large group discussion. We all think through and reflect on our individual and communal paradigm shifts as we seek to enflesh Ilia’s profound ideas and insights in our lives and our world.

Slowly we continue on this critical journey of discovery, struggling to make sense of the heartbreaking state of our beloved Earth home, seeking ways of being a healing and loving presence in our families and communities, and remembering that always, God is making something new!

Dawn Carrillo
Director, Center for Spirituality and Enrichment
St. Scholastica Monastery
Duluth, MN

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What is God Today? is an Center for Christogenesis video series featuring interviews with Ilia Delio on the meaning of the divine in the 21st century and what God is doing in our midst. Watch the Series

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I have been watching Ilia's talks and reading her writings quite often. Last year I interviewed Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim in Beijing while they were here for an international conference. In that interview we also talked a lot about Ilia's great works not only through the Christogenesis Center, but also though her teaching and writing. One young student name Liu Zheng is planning to do a fellowship with Ilia when the Covid-19 pandemic is over; he has been in touch with me very often sharing his ideas. Hope to be able to communicate and interview Ilia as well in the not distant future!
Fr. Paul Han, SVD
Shijiazhuang, China, IL
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