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Will Christianity Survive?
A Conversation with Ilia Delio and Tripp Fuller
Monday, March 27, 2023
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm EST
Cost: $40

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Past Events

The Great Unraveling & Reweaving

Thursday, December 16th, 4pm – 5:30 pm ET

Come hear the soulful wisdom of singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer, offering a balm for this anxious and exhausted age of pandemic and political upheaval. Carrie is known for her musical depth and the progressive spiritual content of her songs, poetry and workshops, and for her continued work in justice, spiritual and interfaith communities.


Reality Ever New

A Zoom Conversation with Ilia and Greg

Join Ilia & Greg for an exploration of the true “Ecclesia Catholica”—a celebration of, and participation in, the dynamic wholeness of God’s endless Creation. In Teilhard’s words, a “Mass on the Altar of the World” has no boundaries of time or space, culture or nation, nature or technology. It is an everyday celebration of emerging wholeness whereby we must always welcome—and commit to help shepherd—the newness arising always around us.


The Cosmic Vision of Teilhard de Chardin

Join John Haught for a webinar exploring how Teilhard’s cosmic vision offers a rich setting, both intellectually and theologically, for our understanding not only of life, but also of mind, morality, and religion.


Updating Teilhard de Chardin from a Modern Scientific Perspective

Join David Sloan Wilson for a fascinating update of Teilhard’s scientific and spiritual vision. Teilhard uniquely integrated the scientific knowledge of his day with a spiritual view that he regarded as a metamorphosis of the Christian religion. Teilhard was remarkably prescient about developments in evolutionary science that have only taken place during the last few decades.

Seeing the World from Another Center:
Teilhard and Contemplation through the Energies of Love

Join Ilia Delio and Cynthia Bourgeault for a wide-ranging exploration of a Teilhardian approach to contemplation that releases its full potential to transform and renew our world. Teilhard’s vision of contemplation and evolution is a movement beyond the ego, a surrendering of self to the power of matter.

Ilia Delio & Sara Thomsen – One Breath, One Body: The Spirituality of Music & Zoom Concert

Ilia Delio and Sara Thomsen discuss the spiritual energies of music, followed by a live Zoom concert where Sara shares songs of spirit, love, and life. Let the music wash over you and bring you in that holy space where God dwells within.


The Entangled Planet:
Why Our Systems Are Failing Us

Since the late twentieth century, philosophers and scientists have identified deep relationality as the core of reality and, more specifically, the entangled nature of reality. Unless our basic understanding of the human person aligns with the new science, our systems are bound to fail. In this webinar, we are invited to turn our self-understanding in a new direction.


Teilhard De Chardin & Carl Jung:
A Convergence

Jung discovered Teilhard late in his life and there are many deep “convergences” between the two men. Teilhard often talks of “the constructive convergency” of shared lives. We will consider convergences between Jung and Teilhard and the need for humanity to evolve further and to reinvent religion, Christianity in particular, as well as society.


Why Divine Love Had to
Create an Evolving Universe

In this webinar, Louis Savary offers some basic steps to develop a religious evolutionary mindset, following the insights of Teilhard de Chardin. As you learn to recognize evolution occurring in the minds of the writers of the New Testament, you begin to realize that God made us to keep evolving, to live out the promise we make to God every day.


What is Love and Why it’s Essential to Understanding the Universe

In this Zoom webinar, I begin by looking at various ways humans have understood love on the way to offering my own definition that incorporates what I think are the positive aspects of the diverse understandings. Building from this, I argue for a love-centered beginning to the universe, in which God creates but not from nothing.

How Does Our Sacred Story Affect Our Call To Justice?

Faith activists are engaged in the critical and absolute necessary work of rooting out and changing the systemic injustices so entrenched in all of our systems. But in order to bring about the necessary change and create the world that Jesus talked about, it necessary to have a new understanding of the sacred story.

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Faith & Doubt: A Love Story

Our civilization faces a momentous choice: continue to run on dirty fossil energy, or convert to clean and renewable energy. We face a similar choice in regards to religion. How can we “convert” from a dirty-energy spirituality to a clean-energy spirituality, especially within Christianity, the world’s largest, wealthiest, and most highly-armed religion?

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Why Do We Fear? Exploring Human Potential in an Age of Anxiety

We are living in tumultuous times where fear prevails on many sides. Here we will examine what it means to be a human person in relationship with God, the capacity for the infinite, the courage to transcend where we are, and the creative imagination evoked by the symbol of the risen Christ.

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Awakening or Apocalypse? The Promises and Perils of our Time

America is in the midst of an awakening. Awakening opens the imagination toward what might be,
a dream we dare to dream, to actually be America. To insist that this is an awakening is to insist on hope – that distress and chaos are not the last word.

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Christianity, Ecology, and the Unity of All Things

Drawing on the Christian tradition of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, eco-theologian Mark Wallace will explore a vision of God in all things through a new but ancient vision where Spirit enfleshes itself within everything that grows, walks, flies, and swims on Earth.

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Teilhard, Original Sin, and the Possibilities of Matter

What kind of theology can we make out of evolution? If God pronounced the creation ‘very good’, why are there evil and sin in the world? And if God is all-powerful, why doesn’t God do something about it? The answers might surprise you!
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The God Revolution: Beyond Racism and the Remaking of Religion

The 21st century needs a God Revolution. We must seek to redefine a God of creative love by seeking to renew a God in love entangled with a dynamic, unfinished universe. The future is open and ours to create; the COVID-19 crisis and our political unrest is an urgent invitation to remake our world.
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The Sacrament of Everyday Life

A new God consciousness calls for a rebirth of religion. Eucharist is more of a quantum entanglement of our lives and God’s life, a sacred exchange, so that our lives becomes God’s life and God’s life becomes our lives. This is the only way God can break into the world.

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Hope in a Time of Crisis

These are very strange times, as we hover between a virus pandemic and an economic recession. The scare of COVID-19 has pervaded the entire globe. But we do hope. It is the main impulse of life.
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Seeking Wholeness in an Age of Fragments

In this webinar, we discussed how Teilhard saw evolution as filled with conflicting forces of resistance, and how contemplation may be the most radical choice we can make for a world struggling toward unity in love […]

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