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The Ineffable Bond of Love

As I prepare to teach my final classes on Zoom this week, I am grateful for the development of computer technology and its ability to facilitate personal communication. Without the internet and online platforms such as Zoom, we...

“Do not be Afraid”

Christ is Risen from the dead! And who did Christ first appear to upon rising from the dead, according to Matthew? Not to Peter or any of the twelve apostles but to two women each with the name of Mary. Imagine that! The...

Internet Easter

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed human life around the globe. No matter what country, culture, language, gender or religious tradition, everyone is affected by this crisis. Social distancing and face masks are now...

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New Creation is the Center for Christogenesis online magazine dedicated to deepening our awareness of God, Cosmos, and Humanity in a scientific age.

Ω Vision and Ω Spirit cover questions of the theology and spirituality of the Center for Christogenesis worldview. Other areas include our What is God Today? video series, the Visio Divina image gallery, a Resources section with videos and PowerPoints, and the latest from Ilia Delio.

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Ilia's ability to translate for the average person, unfamiliar with Teilhard and the primary literature is a gift to the church. Many concepts like axial age, christogenesis, even alternative and more progressive readings of well worn biblical passages is a translational abiliity few have. She is a treasure and I am grateful.
dr. ron martoia
jackson, MI
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