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One Eye, One Self, One God

Q: Meister Eckhart and Thomas Merton have talked about how the “eye with which you see God is the eye with which he sees you.” In his book “The Experience of God” Raimon Panikkar suggests that our...

Dead and Alive

He is not here! But we are… Tragedy and Beauty Sorrow and Mystery Innocent lives killed in the midst of God’s glory. What kind of God is this Who rises from the dead Amidst the dead? Let us not get too comfortable...


Each day we awake to a new world of struggle.The abuse crisis of the Catholic Church continues unabated, children and refugees are held captive in the U.S. borderland camps, racial profiling and inner city violence continue...

To Die on the Day of Resurrection

One year before Teilhard de Chardin died, his nephew heard Teilhard say that, “I should like to die on the day of Resurrection.” A year later, on April 10th, 1955 Chardin did die. It was Easter Sunday. That day, Teilhard had...

Catholic to the Core

Q:  Is the Omega Center “Catholic.” Is it in line with the institutional Catholic Church. Ilia: Recently, a question was submitted as to whether or not the Omega Center is “Catholic.” The inquirer wanted to know if the Omega...

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New Creation is the Center for Christogenesis online magazine dedicated to deepening our awareness of God, Cosmos, and Humanity in a scientific age.

Ω Vision and Ω Spirit cover questions of the theology and spirituality of the Center for Christogenesis worldview. Other areas include our What is God Today? video series, the Visio Divina image gallery, a Resources section with videos and PowerPoints, and the latest from Ilia Delio.

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"In my own view, Ilia Delio's work presenting Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's vision shows us the most significant pathway we can travel toward a vibrant and beautiful Earth Community. With both passion of the heart and brilliance of the mind, Ilia presents a vision that combines science and spirituality. Her work is rare and precious achievement. She is one of the planetary leaders of our time. The more extensive the reach of her work, the better chance the Earth Community has for a beautiful future."
Brian Swimme
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