Month: June 2018

creation and time

Teilhard de chardin: a big thinker for a big universe

The great medievalist scholar Etienne Gilson once wrote of Bonaventure: “You can either see the general economy of his doctrine in its totality, or see none of it, nor would…


Quote – Teilhard – religion and science

“Religion and science are the two conjugated faces or phases of one and the same act of complete knowledge.”


Quote – Brie – Radically present

“I want to learn how to be so radically present that I can feel my own being in concert with the symphony of the universe.”


Quote – Matthew – One Work

“The work at hand is one work, and it will require all of us.”


Boundaries, Bark, And Incarnation

The boundaries are gone.  We may not have all realized it yet, but they’ve dissolved right in front of us.  Certainly, many of us—maybe most of us—are playing as if…