Month: August 2017

flowers and butterfly

God As Mystery

At a recent conference I attended, several people asked if God and nature are one and the same. This is the question of pantheism. And if this is true then…


Quote – David Bohm – roots in the whole

“As humans and societies we seem separate but in our roots we are part of an indivisible whole and share in the same cosmic process.”


Quote – Teilhard – communion with God

“There is a communion with God, and a communion with the earth, and a communion with God through the earth.”


Quote – Ilia – must have faith

“To participate in the world’s becoming we must have faith in one another and faith in the world.”

light through trees

Despite The News, We Belong To One Another

Modern science has revealed new information about the human person, from cosmology to neuroscience and cognitive psychology; however, we still think of ourselves as rational, concrete subjects, individual in nature…