Why Divine Love Had to Create an Evolving Universe

A Webinar with Louis Savary


Why Divine Love Had to Create an Evolving Universe

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Ilia Delio

 God made us to keep evolving, to live out the promise we make to God every day


Even though science has assured us that we live in a world in constant evolution, most traditional religions still operate as though the universe is fixed and finished. In this traditional theological world, especially for Christians, Heaven and Earth are the only two real places in the universe, Earth is down here and Heaven is up there in the sky somewhere, where we go after we die.

In this webinar, Lou Savary offers some basic steps to develop a religious evolutionary mindset, following the insights of Teilhard de Chardin. First, define an evolutionary event and learn to recognize evolutionary events happening wherever they occur. Second, identify the two basic ways evolution happens: a series of small changes (mutation) and the joining of two different forms to produce a new, evolved third form (symbiosis). Third, identify Teilhard’s four-stage evolutionary law and how it operates throughout the universe. Fourth, recognize how the creative process works in people who create. Fifth, explore the options of a divine Lover creating a universe, and recognize that creating an evolutionary universe becomes the greatest divine experiment possible: God has made us humans in the image of a divine lover that creates. God didn’t say to us, “Go forth and multiply.” Rather, God said, “Go forth and evolve!” As you learn to recognize evolution occurring in the minds of the writers of the New Testament, you begin to realize that God made us to keep evolving, to live out the promise we make to God every day, whenever we say the Lord’s Prayer. “May thy will be done. May thy kingdom come to be on Earth (through our efforts), just as it already is in Heaven.”

About Louis Savary

Louis M. Savary has one doctorate in mathematical statistics and a second in spiritual theology. For over forty years, he has been conveying Teilhard’s complex insights to audiences and classrooms in everyday words and examples. Among his many books illuminating Teilhard’s evolutionary ideas for the ordinary reader are The Divine Milieu Explained, The Phenomenon of Man Explained, Teilhard on Love, Teilhard on Suffering, Teilhard on Morality, Teilhard on the Gospels, and Teilhard on the Eucharist.

Original live event: Thursday, April 22th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm EDT USA (UTC/GMT-4)


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