Seeking Wholeness in an Age of Fragments

Webinar: Seeking Wholeness in an Age of Fragments

September 28th 2019, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm ET
Now available via recording!

The news distracts us from our true reality; yet, nature teaches us that we emerge out of dynamic wholeness and we are created for wholeness.

From a religious perspective, the wholeness of nature rising up in us through higher levels of consciousness is God. What are the factors in our age that are blinding us from this reality? Here we will look at factors militating against evolution.

We will discuss how Teilhard saw evolution as filled with conflicting forces of resistance, and how contemplation may be the most radical choice we can make for a world struggling toward unity in love.

Live participants were able to send in questions through the Livestream platform during the event. Please join us live for our next webinar in early 2020 to join the conversation.

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