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Tuesday, August 30th

“God is doing new things, and our response in fidelity and love can bring forth a new communion of planetary life.”
Ilia Delio, Hours of the Universe


“Dios está haciendo cosas nuevas, y nuestra respuesta en fidelidad y amor podría suscitar una nueva comunión de la vida del planeta.”

Ilia Delio, Hours of the Universe

  What is being moved? What is being asked?

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  1. Darryl Nelson

    We need to be in communion with all of life on the planet. What a challenge, but we need to be up for it! This means all the life forms, including human and nonhuman forms that we might struggle to see how they fit into our universe, from our perspective.

  2. Joe Masterleo

    There’s a different world that awaits discovery and moves us toward picturing what the world might be like via the one signature image that wrings from it everything that creation has to offer at all scales. That image must be inclusive of all prior archetypal images in the entire history of all images. One that includes all the others, swallows them the way Moses rod became a snake that swallowed those created by lesser Egyptian magicians.

    In his day, Darwin’s vision was of a randomly branching tree. His notebooks show him drawing it repeatedly, lavishing on it a care for representation and detail that shows clearly a need to steep his mind in, for him, the one image that crystallized his theory of evolution and its successive formulations. Embracing imagery over logic, Einstein did the same with his notions on relativity, as did Tesla in his electrical innovations, and Keukle in his vision of the benzyne ring.

    The new theology must do the same if it’s to lead the pack instead of being a bumbling also-ran. It must be larger in scope, integrating science and religion in a way that embeds them in an up-to-date evolutionary framework, one that understands divine appearance as hidden in the depth of the Big Bang event, and pours out over the cosmos as the innermost center of creation toward a grand (Omega Point) consummation. And it needs a new icon to tell its new story. Biology can be explained by chemistry, chemistry by physics, and physics by the new theology that effectively ties all branches of knowledge to itself and each other, telling a new universe story.

    Hint: That very image is depicted twice on the very page of this newsletter.

  3. Ray

    If we(human race) don’t start loving more, we will fail more!

  4. pthomasmcguire

    If I am filled with nostalgic memories that feed my ego, I cannot imagine God doing new things.

  5. geemapox

    God is doing new things, and people made in God’s image are doing new things on earth, as in heaven. Evolution good, transformation better. Jesus predicted that his disciples will do greater things than he did. Paul wrote that with God all things are possible. Dream with God and share the generosity, mercy and reconciliation humanity craves by God’s grace.


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