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Christophany, Creativity, And
The Church Of The Planet

An opportunity to explore the unique Teilhardian vision of Ilia Delio, with the explicit intention of digging deeper into the core concepts of Christogenesis, Creativity, and Christophany. We will deal primarily with such questions as: What exactly is this notion of “Christogenesis” so frequently evidenced in his writings, and why is the term necessary and important in an evolving world? How might religion and spirituality be enriched and expanded by these concepts?


The Mysticism Of Knowing


A rich opportunity for those seeking to deepen their understanding of the mission of the Center for Christogenesis. Through group learning and discussion, as well as optional spiritual exercises outside of meetings, participants will be equipped with the ability to understand and apply theological concepts, and be enriched by spiritual exercises in the spirit of the transformative power of love in the cosmos.

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