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Listen to “An Audience with Ilia Delio” from the Aspen Chapel Retreat.

"An Audience with Ilia Delio" at Aspen Chapel Retreat. Ilia argues that quantum physics and neuroscience are key elements informing our understanding of spirituality and the future of both the human race and our planet.

Quote – Union is always toward…

“Union is always toward more being so that evolution is directed toward the future fullness of life.”


Quote – Nature is like a choreographed ballet…

“Nature is like a choreographed ballet or a symphony, whereby an organism is dynamically engaged in its own self-organization, pursuing its own ends amid an ever-shifting context of relationships.”


Quote – What we do matters…

“What we do matters to the “matter” of the universe, because by our choices we influence the life of the universe.”


Quote – Creation is not about…

“Creation is not about a static world but a relationship between the dynamic being of God and a world in process of coming to be.”


Quote – The Emergence of human life….

“…the emergence of human life is contingent on more than evolution of the physical world alone; there is an inner pressure for spiritual transcendence.”


Quote – Ilia- The same currents…

“The same currents that run through our human blood also run through the swirling galaxies…one and the same evolutionary movement moves through all—a single self-transcending current of all-pervading energy that…


Quote – Ilia – The foundation of things…

“The foundation of things is not so much a ground of being sustaining its existence from beneath as it is a power of attraction toward what lies ahead.”


Quote – Ilia – Evolution is not a linear…

“Evolution is not a linear positive progression; rather, it is movement in tension marked by gains and losses in the development of more complex life forms.”


Quote – Teilhard – No Longer is it…

“No longer is it simply a religion of individual and of heaven, but a religion of mankind and of the earth—that is what we are looking for at this moment,…

Heart of Matter

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Heart of Matter: A Discovery

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