Job Posting: Christophany Group Coordinator

Job Posting: Christophany Group Coordinator

The C4C seeks a Christophany Group Coordinator who will moderate existing groups and create growth among the C4C community. Reporting to the CEO/Founder and the Director of Operations & Programs, the Christophany Group Coordinator is responsible for remotely maintaining and organizing small dialogue-based groups affiliated with the C4C around the globe. The Christophany Group Coordinator keeps track of group updates, provides support to existing groups, responds to new group member requests, and facilitates new group formation. The Christophany Group Coordinator is the main point of contact between Christophany Groups and the C4C.


  • Receives and responds in a timely manner to email requests from prospective group members desiring to join a group or learn more about the C4C’s Christophany Group innovative.
  • Successful placement of new members into groups appropriate to their interests and involvement with the C4C.
  • Maintaining close communications with the Director of Operations & Programming regarding strategy, vision and objectives for groups.
  • Oversees growth and formation of current and newly-formed groups through regular communication with group facilitators and members.
  • Development of discussion questions and/or study guides based on articles from the C4C New Creation magazine to distribute to existing Christophany Groups.
  • Maintaining and updating contact information of group facilitators to ensure ongoing support and growth of C4C Christophany Groups.
  • Provides advice and support to groups facilitators through the creation and sharing of study guides, suggestion of discussion topics, and troubleshooting of group dynamics.


The Christophany Group Coordinator will be a relational leader, thoroughly committed to C4C’ s views and mission. All candidates should have experience in professional writing, strong communication skills, and personable leadership.

Specific requirements include:

  • Understanding of and commitment to the field of emerging science and spirituality, including the writings of Ilia Delio.
  • Transparent and high integrity leadership.
  • Strong work ethic with a high degree of energy and excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Familiarity with Google Drive, Gmail, Zoom, and social media platforms.
  • Solution-driven mindset and a desire to problem-solve within diverse groups.
  • Previous background and experience in group management or a leadership position.
  • Excellent time management skills.

Position:  Part-time — no relocation
Salary and benefits:  Negotiable, depending on experience
Start Date: October 17, 2022
To apply, please send cover letter and current resume to jlangford@christogenesis.or

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