Hope in a Time of Crisis: A Conversation with Ilia

A Zoom Conversation with Ilia


Hope in a Time of Crisis

Friday, April 3rd, 4:00 pm – 5pm ET

Now available via recording!

“Hope is the main impulse of life.”


These are very strange times, as we hover between a virus pandemic and an economic recession. The scare of COVID-19 has pervaded the entire globe. Hope has lost sight that the future is open to new life.

But we do hope. It is the main impulse of life. Why do we awake to a new day anticipating that things will improve? What accounts for the hope that lies within us? Teilhard de Chardin noticed that there is something else going on in the universe, something breaking through in the world, something not yet realized but coming to birth.

It is time for the Church and all world religions to lay down their well worn doctrines, to consolidate their spiritual paths for a world in evolution, and to yield to a new religion of the earth, one that can gather spiritual energies into a new collective hope. Only if religions work together for the good of the earth can we begin to organically grow our lives of deep interconnectivity with a vital religious dimension oriented toward the future.

Join us online on April 3rd for a Zoom conversation with Ilia, where she will discuss this moment fraught with challenges but also pregnant with the possibility for a new planetary faith. Ilia will share her vision of hope and promise, and take questions from the group as well.

All registrants will also receive access to a recording of the Zoom conversation after the event.


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