Omega Australia

Omega Australia is a group of people who desire to live, pray, and deepen their consciousness of the power of Love at the heart of the universe drawing all into oneness in Christ.

We invite anyone who resonates with this vision to participate in a web-based conversational group to enable the vision of evolving towards a greater wholeness to become more and more a reality.

Our Purpose

  • Support and nurture each other on this journey;
  • Strengthen our communion.
  • Contemplate together and touch the Source of that union.
  • Share insights, discoveries and questions that arise from reading and reflecting alone.
  • Explore ways of living Christ consciousness in everyday life.
  • Create ways of enabling the spread of the morphogenic field of Christic, one-ing Love in our field of influence.

Our Goal

We endeavour in such gatherings to create a network of support and encourage other groups to form, so that, loosely linked together we may help:


  • Develop the new field of consciousness emerging in our times.
  • Move the world towards greater healing and wholeness.
  • Deepen Christ-consciousness and creative union in the world.

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