God After Einstein

A Zoom Book Talk with John Haught

A Zoom Webinar with John Haught

“God After Einstein”


Friday, October 28th, 4pm – 5:30 pm ET.

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John F. Haught

Join us for a webinar on Dr. John Haught’s new book, “God After Einstein”

What’s really going on in the universe?

A Message from Dr. Haught:

The point of theology, as I understand it, is to explore “the reasons for our hope” (1 Peter 3:15). After Einstein, theology cannot avoid asking whether the discovery that the cosmos is a long story with interesting outcomes may in some way give us new reasons for hope—or perhaps just the opposite. In 1916 Einstein had not yet fully realized that his general theory of relativity was bringing to light an immense and still unfinished 13.8 billion year old cosmic story. Most stories, however, are about something. What then, after Einstein, is the cosmic story about—if anything? So far, both contemporary intellectual culture and traditional Christian theology have found little if any significance, much less reasons for hope, in the long journey that nature has been on in its temporal coming-to-be. In this lecture, however, I shall be arguing—with one eye on Einstein’s science and another on his personal opinions about religion—that what has been going on in the universe is nothing less than a great awakening and that this awakening, if we examine it carefully, comes with good reasons for hope.

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John Haught is one of the most creative and constructive theologians in the field of science and religion, providing a brilliant and exhilarating analysis of what faith might mean in an age of science. Deeply influenced by philosophers and theologians such as Teilhard, Lonergan, Polanyi, and Whitehead, Haught’s contribution is intellectually adventurous, ever challenging his listeners to think anew about the much misunderstood relationship between religion and evolution.

His deep concern for issues such as ecology, transhumanism, the value of human life, and the meaning of suffering and death gives further depth and relevance to his analysis, offers a way for believers to think about how religion relates to discoveries in modern science, and, as a consequence, suggests the possibility of a robust and credible faith.

John Haught is Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Theology at Georgetown University and the author of 20 books, more than 100 book chapters and articles as well as hundreds of invited lectures and major academic presentations. Haught plumbs the profound depths of the universe and offers fresh insight into the biblical nature of hope. In order to clarify his position with the “New Atheists” and Creationists, folks who differ with his approach, he has engaged in countless stirring debates, and in 2005, testified as an expert witness at the “intelligent design” trial in Harrisburg.


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